Leeds Hunters

The Leeds Hunters was formed in 2016. What started as a get together in Roundhay Park has grown into a club that has over 70 members and has gone on to represent not just Leeds, but Yorkshire at I.G.R. (International Gay Rugby) world tournament, The Bingham Cup in Amsterdam in June 2018.

The basis for the club and indeed any club within the I.G.R. is to provide a safe space for people to come and play rugby. Whether you have experience or non at all, it doesn’t matter.

The club encourages anyone to come pick up a rugby ball, even if it is for the first time and to leave having enjoyed being there.

Being a Hunter, you aren’t just a player, you are part of a family and by extension a larger family as part of the I.G.R. which consists of over 5000 players from across the globe.


IGR Friendlies, IGR UK League Championship, Northern Division
2018-19, 2019-20