Leeds Hunters 1XV v Liverpool Tritons

2:15 pm

Leeds Hunters 1XV v Manchester Village Spartans 2XV

20 - 27

Leeds Hunters 1XV v Sheffield Vulcans 1XV


50 - 0

Leeds Hunters 1XV v Typhoons 1XV

64 - 5

Leeds Hunters vs Newcastle Ravens

69 - 17

Leeds Hunters vs Sheffield Vulcans

22 - 22

Leeds Hunters vs Liverpool Tritons

61 - 19

Leeds Hunters vs Spartans

63 - 0

Leeds Hunters vs Newcastle Ravens RUFC

As this fixture could not be played due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and as per the instructions of the IGR UK League Secretary in accordance with the agreed treatment of such cancellations, this match shall be marked as postponed/abandoned/unplayed and each side awarded 2pts for this fixture which will be incorporated into the final Legue tables for the 2019/20 Season.  Details of this instructions can be downloaded here.

0 - 0

Leeds Hunters vs Typhoons RUFC

52 - 0