Vulcans 1XV v Roundheads 1XV

2:00 pm

Vulcans 1XV v York RI Templars

2:00 pm

Vulcans 1XV v Ravens 1XV

3:00 pm

Sheffield Vulcans 1XV v Typhoons 1XV

40 - 0

Sheffield Vulcans 1XV v Manchester Village Spartans 2XV

39 - 36

Sheffield Vulcans 1XV v Leeds Hunters 1XV

10 - 22

Sheffield Vulcans 1XV v Liverpool Tritons

Thank you to everyone who came to support and thank you to the Liverpool Tritons – Inclusive Rugby Union for putting us through our paces.
24 - 19

Sheffield Vulcans vs Liverpool Tritons

3:00 pm

Sheffield Vulcans vs Newcastle Ravens

Newcastle Ravens Conceded to Sheffield.  Sheffield awarded 4pts.

0 - 0

Vulcans 2XV vs Typhoons

7 - 29