Player Stories

If you’re considering joining a gay and inclusive rugby team to play Union or Touch, but have some reservations, watch this England Rugby film about one of the players at the Manchester Village Spartans and discover how he took the plunge and joined their O2 Touch team.

Think rugby isn’t for you? Think again.


For the England Rugby Spirit of Rugby IGR Summer recruitment campaign in 2017, we recorded several interviews with players from a selection of English IGR clubs to capture what they thought of Gay and Inclusive Rugby and their experience of joining and playing with an IGR team.

Most of these broadcast on Gaydio but they’re all here for you to listen to and hopefully find inspiring – especially if you haven’t joined a club yet and wonder what it’s like to take the plunge and be part of a rugby team.

Thank you to all our interviewees and also our voice over artiste (from the Leeds Hunters).

Think rugby isn’t for you? Think again.

  1. Ashley Berkshire Unicorns 0:35
  2. Chris Sea Serpents 2 0:34
  3. Chris Sea Serpents 0:34
  4. George Manchester Spartans 0:33
  5. Morgan Kings Cross Steelers 0:33
  6. Mattia Birmingham Bulls 0:36
  7. Sam Wessex Wyverns 0:33
  8. Phillip Leeds Hunters 0:37
  9. Simon Liverpool Tritons 0:33
  10. Stuart Liverpool Tritons 0:33
  11. Thomas Reading Renegades 0:34