IGR teams join Spartans for their 20th Pride celebration

Players from Kings Cross Steelers RFC Chester Centurions RUFC Sheffield Vulcans RUFC The Leeds Hunters RUFC Brighton & Hove Sea Serpents RFC Bristol Bisons RFC South London Stags RFC Copenhagen Wolves Typhoons RUFC Northampton Outlaws RFC The Hull Roundheads RUFC Birmingham Bulls RFC and Westcountry Wasps proudly marched alongside their brothers and sisters in rugby and #O2TouchRugby at a huge Manchester Pride Parade on Saturday in the blistering heat in front of a huge 60,000 crowd of onlookers and supporters.

Helping the Manchester Village Spartans celebrate their 20 years at the forefront of growing inclusive rugby, over 70 players and allies (including the founder of the Warwick Rowers Calendar and head of Sport Allies) wore their kits and followed in the slipstream of the huge and epic LGBT Flag that has become a much loved fixture on the popular parade.


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